Medical professionals have urged Nigerians to embrace routine hospital visits for health checkups, saying that doing so can aid in the early detection and treatment of diseases that kill silently. Here are some advices by medical experts on how to stop silent killer diseases.

During a Gbagada General Hospital-sponsored medical outreach, the specialists made the decision.

Dr. Segun Babafemi, the hospital’s managing director, asserts that when a diagnosis is made early, some illnesses can be effectively and painlessly treated.

Dr. Babafemi continued, “But because we barely get routine health checkups, we are spreading this to individuals.”

He added that the medical outreach includes examinations for oral health, hypertension, diabetes, kidney illness, eye problems, and malaria.

“The outreach was a community service,” he declared. A free medical mission that involves screening for common illnesses is what we are doing. Certain conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and other illnesses, are silent killers. Going to our various markets and garages to screen individuals and inform them of their health condition and how it can be readily controlled is something we want to be doing on a regular basis. Take kidney disease, for instance. Those who have been examined for diabetes and hypertension will also be screened for kidney disease, and we will provide them with the results. We know that the condition is quite common in those with diabetes. We’ll provide them with advice on what to do in addition to sending them the results. This is a part of our own effort to help individuals understand their health state and how to take care of it to prevent it from getting worse.

Dr. Famuyiwa Olusoji, who is in charge of clinical services at the hospital and also spoke at the event, said that patients often hide their illnesses because they don’t understand them.

You see, hypertension has been a problem for humans for a very long time. The management is getting better now. Many people increasingly think they can manage their hypertension without suffering. My mother still relies heavily on her medications despite having hypertension. Hence, side effects are minor if you follow your medication.

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